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Here at Precision ABA, we celebrate who people are: our learners, staff, and families can all show up as their authentic selves and expect to be embraced and accepted. We’re rooted in community and lean on the experiences and expertises of each other, parents, other therapists, school teams, and our learners themselves.  Everything is better when we work together.


Your child’s growth, development, and happiness is our priority. Growth happens when people feel safe, heard, and valued. At Precision ABA, we use the science of behavior and Precision Teaching to measure and monitor progress and teach skills that enhance life experiences for children and their families in alignment with the child’s goals. All of our team members are passionate about their work and strive to ensure success each moment they spend with a child.

We love what we do; we love watching our learners’ progress, working with families, and empowering them to grow to new heights!

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Our Values


Precision ABA is rooted in a strong COMMUNITY built on collaboration, diverse perspectives, and trust. Learners, staff, families, their school team and other professionals, are all critical members of our community. We aim to support the community both on our teams and the community at large. 

Authentic Connection 

When we’re accepted as we are, when we build true AUTHENTIC CONNECTION, beauty happens. Acceptance, kindness, and intentionality root who we are and everything we do. When people feel accepted to show up as themselves, ingenuity, creativity, and courage show up too.


To us, GROWTH means building resilience through learning. Our team consistently works towards enhancing their own skill sets and teaching new skills to the learners we serve to help them grow toward their most meaningful goals.


Meet Our Team

We have a team of wonderful clinicians who share Precision ABA's values!

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Letter From Our Founder

From the time I was born, I was taught to be a helper. I wanted to be a helper. I loved teaching and learning. When I first went to college, I bounced between different helping professions, unclear of what I wanted to do (I settled on education: first in English, then added Psychology, Social Studies, and Special Education). But when I found ABA, it was clear. As a BCBA, I have the tools to teach anything and everything to everyone!

In creating Precision ABA, LLC, I dreamed of a company fueled by passion, empathy, and humor (sometimes, when the going gets tough, all you can do is laugh!), learning science, data, and progress! I wanted to share Precision Teaching with Chicagoland and provide therapeutic services in a way that other companies don’t.

I am constantly awed by the amount of work our learners, families, and staff put into everything they do. The dedication and commitment to learning, collaboration, and respect fuels me and Precision ABA. I am so grateful to be able to share this journey with such a remarkable group of people!

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