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About The Company

Precision ABA is a team-oriented, values-based organization located in Naperville, IL where everyone knows each other, where people are comfortable to show up as their authentic selves. When people feel accepted to show up as themselves, ingenuity, creativity, and courage show up too.  We are humans first, Precision Teachers second, and we provide ABA therapy. We firmly believe that we are all lifelong learners, committed to growth and maintaining a community built on authentic connection and kindness.
At Precision ABA, learners receive support in their homes or in our learning center working on goals most important to them. We’re Instructional Designers and Precision Teachers which means that we love data and measurement and ensure progress on a daily basis. We empower our clients to be agile and generative learners, meaning that they learn how to learn, and grow exponentially. We also support the whole family system: empowering parents to better their relationships with their children and help support and sustain learning and growth.
Throughout our years of practice, we see each of our learners grow and change beyond expectations. Each learner has a plan developed and written specifically for them by our Behavior Analysts and Curriculum Designers to target language and adaptive skills.
We love what we do; we love watching our learners’ progress, working with families, and empowering them to grow to new heights!

Company Values

Precision ABA is a value-based company through and through: our values guide every decision and action. We work together as a collaborative community of families, children, team members, and outside professionals rooted in kindness. We value and honor diverse perspectives, resilience, and authentic connection. No one can do this work alone! The Precision ABA community is composed of lifelong learners, always adapting and growing.

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